The Breed Profiles Handbook: A Guide to the Selection of Livestock Breeds for Grazing Wildlife Sites

This handbook is a useful reference guide for managers and advisers involved in determining and implementing grazing prescriptions on sites being managed for wildlife. It is the first succinct reference document assisting the identification and selection of grazing animals appropriate for use in nature conservation situations in the British Isles, particularly on the more challenging habitats. It includes two-page summaries of the attributes and impacts of the grazing and browsing abilities of over 50 breeds of cattle, ponies, sheep, goats and pigs.

Individual profiles should be read in conjunction with the relevant sections on issues that may affect the choice of stock - species, breed, background, husbandry, age and sex, conformation and habitat/vegetation type. The Handbook also contains a glossary, references and bibliography.

144 pages plus appendices; breed photographs in colour. September 2001. 

Please note: We are currently in the process of reviewing and updating all our publications and we cannot currently guarantee the accuracy of all the content. Please contact the GAP office if you have any queries or concerns.

Sections of Breed Profiles Handbook

If you do not require the entire Handbook, then you can download just the sections that you want; please select from the files below:


Breed profiles: CATTLE
Sections from the handbook

Introduction to the CATTLE section (PDF format)

Aberdeen Angus (PDF format)

Beef Shorthorn (PDF format)

Belted Galloway (PDF format)

Continental Cross Breeds (PDF format)

Dexter (PDF format)

Galloway (PDF format)

Hereford (PDF format)

Highland (PDF format)

Holstein/Friesian (PDF format)

Irish Moiled (PDF format)

Kerry (PDF format)

Lincoln Red (PDF format)

Longhorn (PDF format)

Murray Grey (PDF format)

North Devon (PDF format)

Red Poll (PDF format)

Shetland (PDF format)

South Devon (PDF format)

Sussex (PDF format)

Water Buffalo (PDF format)

Welsh Black (PDF format)

White Park (PDF format)


Breed profiles: EQUINES
Sections from the handbook

Introduction to the EQUINES section (PDF format)

Dartmoor (PDF format)

Donkey (PDF format)

Exmoor (PDF format)

Fell Pony (PDF format)

Highland (PDF format)

Konik Polski (PDF format)

New Forest (PDF format)

Shetland (PDF format)

Welsh Mountain (PDF format)

Y Ferlen Fynydd Gymreig (PDF format)


Breed profiles: GOATS
Sections from the handbook

Introduction to the GOATS section (PDF format)


Breed profiles: PIGS
Sections from the handbook

Introduction to the PIGS section (PDF format)


Breed profiles: SHEEP
Sections from the handbook

Introduction to the SHEEP section (PDF format)

Beulah Speckled Face (PDF format)

Black Welsh Mountain (PDF format)

Boreray (PDF format)

Castlemilk Moorit (PDF format)

Cotswold (PDF format)

Easycare (PDF format)

Hebridean (PDF format)

Herdwick (PDF format)

Icelandic (PDF format)

Jacob (PDF format)

Manx Loghtan (PDF format)

Mule (PDF format)

Norfolk Horn (PDF format)

North Ronaldsay (PDF format)

Portland (PDF format)

Romney Marsh (PDF format)

Rough Fell (PDF format)

Scottish Blackface (PDF format)

Shetland (PDF format)

Soay (PDF format)

Southdown (PDF format)

Suffolk (PDF format)

Swaledale (PDF format)

Welsh Mountain (PDF format)

Whitefaced Woodland (PDF format)

Wiltshire Horn (PDF format)